Sleep therapy dedicated to serving the military and their families

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Our complete sleep therapy program

  • Patient follow-up calls for new setups and supplies
  • In-home setups
  • Home delivery of quarterly supplies
  • Specialized deployment bag including backup battery, if requested, and supplies for length of deployment/TDY
  • Online patient address change for PCSing service members secure online access

  • Access to each patient's daily compliance reports after setup
  • Easily export all patient documentation to PDF format for integration into AHLTA

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We provide comprehensive sleep therapy for the military

CPAP Medical accepts TRICARE® insurance. Our compliance program includes patient follow-up and remote access to efficacy and adherence data. Each patient is setup in the comfort of their own home at their convenience including nights and weekends.

In-network military provider for CPAP supplies.

We specialize and focus on sleep therapy for active duty & retired military service members and their families. Our patients receive quarterly replacement supplies direct to their home. As a nationwide provider, PCSing, TDY, and deployed service members will continue to receive replacement supplies sent to their home, TDY, or deployed location.

CPAP Medicals deployment kit

CPAP Medical's deployment kit

We provide specialized deployment kits for mobilizing military members. The kits include supplies for duration of deployment/TDY and the lightest portable CPAP battery back-up, if requested.

  • Provided equipment:
    • Branch specific bag: Desert digital, Army ACU, Black, Olive drab, and Woodland digital
    • Prescribed device(CPAP, AUTO, BIPAP, SV/ST) and humidifier
    • Masks, tubing and filters for duration
    • Portable battery pack, if requested

Company Headquarters

We provide CPAP services and supplies nationwide with our headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida.

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